Kimberly C. Kisner

A Self-Inflicted Layoff

Hey folks. I know it’s been a week since my last post- but I was enjoying the Memorial Day weekend holiday and getting my grind on too. At every opportunity I try to mix business with pleasure (smile).  Today, I want to talk to you about the self-inflicted layoff.  I recently discussed how to deal with the feeling of dreading going to work every day. I believe that I gave you some good tips for dealing with those feelings…now I’m going to guide you on what to do if you are unable to take it anymore at your place of employment. Chapter 7 in my book is tittled – Stop-Wait A Minute ….Self-Inflicted  Layoff.  The definition of a self-inflicted layoff is when – due to no fault of the organization, one puts themselves in a position in which they decide to leave a company abruptly, usually without having another job waiting for them in the wings.

Well, as I explain in my book – this is exactly what happened to me while I was working at an insurance company.  I was in a situation where my career was at a stand still. My boss had some insecurities because I was more educated and I had more experience than she did.  I was in a situation where I was not respected professionally and personally by female bosses.  However, in retrospect – I realized that I didn’t play the “corporate” game as well I should have. You know what I’m talking about right? Some will define the “corporate game” as the calculated means of getting things done. It is also a way that people twist and turn situations to reach a specific goal, usually a goal that is all about “self”. However, the downside of the corporate game is that those who don’t play, risk their careers. And for me-that is exactly what happened.

I just really could not take working at the insurance company anymore. I was stressed, depressed and didn’t enjoy going there day-in and day-out.  So after I got in touch with my inner soul (God) I resigned quick, fast in a hurry – with no other job in site.  (This was during the time when the economy was great and jobs were a plenty). Now, I’m not suggesting that if you can’t take your job situation anymore – then you should resign right away, especially during these times. But if you are not happy-then you need to have a plan in place so that you can be happy again.  Start your search for a new job now – while you have a job. You know, put some feelers out there, upload your resume  on the various job sites and search, search, search and apply, apply, apply.  Remember, only look for another job during your down time at home, not while you are a work – you don’t want to get fired because you were caught looking on job sites on company time.

Pearls of Wisdom – Courtesy of Oprah

I’m sure most of you watched the final episode of the Oprah show. I’m usually not at home to watch her show at 4 p.m. every day – and no I don’t have TIVO so I can record her episodes. But on this particular day I was home because I was packing for my trip to Ohio. I really enjoyed her final episode- instead of her final hour of the show being big fan fare and a lot of surprises  like – “You get a car! and you get a car” or “Everyone is going to Australia!”  This episode was her “love letter” to us – her fans. Oprah spent her final hour thanking us  and telling us how much we mean to her. But she also took the time to tell us things that she learned over the last 25 years, the bad hair styles she’s had and some of her non-fashionable outfits. LOL!

However, what I liked most about the final show was the fact that she gave us pearls of wisdom. Advice and information-that if we were really listening could have perhaps changed our lives.  She said so much…but basically she said that we are all here for a purpose – and we need to spend time figuring out what that purpose is.  She also mentioned the importance of listening to God and what he is telling us to do (you know that inner voice that comes from the depths of our souls) – she even admitted that when she doesn’t listen – well, you know…things don’t work out like you thought they would.

I also liked how she said that “each of us have our own platform” – that is so important. Unfortunatley, we aren’t all going to be an “Oprah” but each of us has our own circle of influence that we can add some sort of value to. What if everyone tapped into their own platform and circle of influence-I bet we could really change the world. Boy – the power that we all have within us  - we just need to tap into it.  Another point that she mentioned is the fact that, “We inherently block our own blessings because we don’t think we deserve it.” That point is so true – how many times have you thought that? I know I have – but I had to realize that I am worthy of all the blessings that God has in store for me and that what’s for me is for me. We all have special gifts and talents that can help catapult us into being that person of excellence that we ultimately are striving to be – because you NEVER know where your special gifts and talents will take you nor do you know what type of influence you will have on someone’s else’s life.

One of the reasons why I admire Oprah – it’s not because she is SUPER RICH or that she has fame-but I admire the fact that she has used “her platform” to help others – to give of herself, time and commitment. Her celebrity afforded her the opportunity and means to take her circle of influence to unspeakable levels. But here’s the thing-you don’t have to be Oprah rich or have celebrity to change peoples lives- you can change peoples lives just by being a mother, father, a co-worker, a boss, a friend, a  ”active” church member, an entrepreneur, an author…etc…. the list goes on and on. Don’t let your time here on earth be all for nothing- tap into your inner soul and figure out what your purpose and embrace it and live your life to the fullest! I know that’s what I’m doing what about you?



3 Tips for a Stronger Resume

3 Tips for a Stronger Resume


By Scot Herrick

Outside of a referral from your business network, your rockin’ resume is the only way to get an interview. (The really good news: most resumes suck.) If your resume is one that shows what you did and the results that came from that work, it will stand out from the crowd and give you a better shot at getting in the door.

Take the resume one step furtherTurn Your Resume into a Marketing Tool

With hundreds, or even thousands, of resumes being submitted for one position, and with recruiters searching resumes to find candidates, it’s really helpful to take yours to the next level. That level is to have your resume become a marketing document.

Most resumes aren’t even good fact sheets, much less a marketing document. While results are facts, the resume orientation can use those facts to support marketing your skills.

1. Let me objectify you

People are people and I get queasy when I start talking objects instead of people. This is necessary, however, so you can look at what is working and not working about your resume.

The objectification is this: Your job skills and talent is a product that needs promoting and selling to prospective employers. People who talk about your “personal brand” are just using a polite way of saying you are a product. I am more straightforward about it and just call a product a product.

If you consider your skills and talents a product, what product is it you are selling? Is it your creativity in your particular area? Is it providing excellent customer service in your work? My little mantra is “rubber meets cloud.” What I sell as a product is that I can take a situation and create structure from the chaos using creativity. You can’t talk in big, broad terms; Rubber meets cloud means I’m going to get to the bottom of what you want to do and then build some structure to make it happen. That’s my product and that is what I’m marketing.

2. Discover your mantra and market it in your resume

You can’t be a “results-oriented professional” and get away with it. Everyone is a results-oriented professional. Instead, you need to dig down and figure out how you, uniquely, bring a difference to your work. You need a personalized mantra.

Then, you take that mantra and update your resume to show what you did and the results you achieved to match up with it.

3. More focused resume

A more focused resume is the result. You may be passed over a few more times when a recruiter reads your resume because the company isn’t looking for someone with the product you are selling. But when a job hits your sweet spot, recruiters will jump at the chance to speak with you. You are selling the very product they need to help their customer.

Turn your facts and our results into a marketing message. It will make your resume jump out of the trash pile and into the interview pile.