Kimberly C. Kisner

There’s a Plan Customized Just for You!

Hey there my faithful blog readers. I know that it’s been a minute since I’ve written something thought provoking and intellectually insightful.  Lol! Let me ask you, do you ever wonder what the weather is going to be like for the week? Yes,  I’m sure you do. If you are like me, you probably access to get the daily weather updates for whatever city you are in.  Well, while I was looking on dawned on me that wouldn’t it be nice if we could go to our own personal Web site – and be able to see what is going to happen for our lives for that day, that week, or even that month? This Web site would be able to tell us what we could expect on that particular day.


Currently, in my jobless situation I sometimes wish I could access that type of Web site so that I would know when and where my next job is going to be and when will I be financially stable again. Or what about when my book or my next venture will take off the way that I would like it too. Man that would be nice. However, the downside is that I’m sure on that Web site we would be able to see the not so great things that may and will occur in our daily lives – you know we don’t want to see the bad stuff; we just want to see all of the good things. Well, there isn’t a Web site that will help us foresee the future, but you know what we do have that is better than a Web site? We have God. And God knows what’s in our future because he has designed a customized plan just for each and every one of us. His plan is good and is guaranteed. God wants the best for all of us…yes, that includes you too! I know at times it seems like there’s no hope in sight. I constantly have to give God thanks because even though I’m unemployed, I still have a roof over my head, a car to drive, food in my refrigerator and unemployment still coming in on a weekly basis.


You see in spite of what I’m going through, God is still blessing me. NO everything is NOT perfect in my life right now…and really it will never be perfect. And yes this is a minor set back in my life, but no matter what set backs you go through don’t take a step back because your set back is God setting you up for something better than you could have even imagined. I tell myself every day that “God has a plan for me.” I don’t know what it is, but I can’t wait until he reveals it to me. We have to TRUST him. I know it’s easier said than done. I mean, for the last 2-3 weeks job opportunities have been coming out of no where for me. I was on a roll, interviewing almost daily. I even made it through to the second round of interviews for some of the companies. Well, unfortunately, 2 out of the 5 job opportunities decided to go with another candidate. Did I let that discourage me? I’m going to be honest…yes.  Did I let the fact that these companies didn’t want to hire me, make me sad? Yes. But then I had to remember-God has a plan customized just for me. God knows me better than I know myself and apparently, those jobs were not for me and for whatever reason he said no to both of those jobs.  All this means is that he’s got something better and I just have to hold on and have faith.


Folks, this is like the 3rd Christmas holiday that I didn’t have a job. Boy, does that really put the Christmas holiday into perspective for me. I find myself thinking about homemade gifts that I can give to my family because it doesn’t look like I will be able to afford any gifts this year. But Christmas is about family and spreading love and cheer and to reflect on all of your blessings. There are people out there in my shoes but have other issues that they have to deal with during their lay off period. For example, children to feed, perhaps a home in foreclosure or maybe no car. And there are even some who don’t have unemployment checks coming in every week.  I’ve said this in my book- “It could be worse.” No matter how bad it gets, you have to have hope. God promises to be our source of hope and no that whatever plan God has for us, he will provide the resources that we need to achieve the plan that he’s designed just for you. Keep your head up folks! It is going to be alright. I promise!


4 Ways to Give Thanks While Job Searching

So you had that interview whether it was fantastic or not, what is your next step after your interview? No, it’s not buying that new outfit that you had your eye on because you believe that you landed that job. And no, the answer isn’t NOTHING!!! Let me give you a hint…this is the season of Thanksgiving….do you know the answer? Saying “thank you” is the answer. This is the step during the interview process that most people forget. No matter what you may think the outcome is, it is important that you thank the recruiter and the hiring manager for taking their time out to interview you for that particular position. Below are 4 ways to assist you with giving thanks!

1. First Contact

Whether a hiring manager gets back to you over phone or by e-mail to set up an interview, make sure to take a moment to thank them for their time and consideration.  You certainly aren’t owed an interview just because you threw your resume into the ring, so don’t put on an air of entitlement.  It’s important to remain humble – that is not to say meek – throughout the process, and showing your appreciation is crucial to paying respect for the interviewer, as well as the company on the whole.

2. During the Interview

Make your first impression a great one – the moment you walk into the interview and shake hands with a hiring manager, thank them once again for their time and consideration.  Make sure to exit with a bang too; when you get up to leave, express your gratitude.  If more than one person is interviewing you, shake hands with each person and say thanks to all individually, and address them each by name if you can.

3. After the Interview

Many people often forget this step, but it’s essential to send a thank you note to a hiring manager after an interview.  It shows that you are thinking about a job after you’ve gotten through the initial meeting, and also gives you a chance to remind the hiring manager who you are, why you want the job, and what you bring to the table.  It’s up to you to discern whether it’s more appropriate to say thanks via email or regular mail; just make sure you remember this important gesture that all hiring managers appreciate.

4. Upon Rejection

Even though your inclination may be to cut your losses and move on as quickly as you can when you are rejected from a job, take a few minutes to say thanks one final time.  Saying thank you after you are given a “no” conveys professionalism, and cues hiring managers into what you might be like to work with if a future opportunity rolls around.  Never forget that, while you may not be given the current position you are applying to, other jobs may open up that are better suited to you.  Keep yourself at the top of the hiring manager’s list by ending on a positive note.

Always remember the importance of saying thank you, and, equally as important, remind yourself of the things you are already grateful for in your life.  Even if you don’t have a job this holiday season, try to remember that things do change, and it’s the joy and support you currently have that will get you through these challenging times.


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Capture Your Personal Brand in One Sentence

Your personal brand is the keystone to communicating your value during a job-search campaign. Once you have a clear statement to describe your value to an employer, you can start convincing others to believe it.

Gain a competitive advantage by honing a personal brand statement. Include it in your resume; revise it to create an attention-getting, 30-second elevator pitch; expand upon it through career success stories in an interview and communicate it frequently to others at networking events.

The following examples use the same personal branding statement, which was developed for a manufacturing executive.

I employ cutting-edge technologies to speed manufacturing so companies can grow revenues, cut costs and increase profits.

How best can you use this simple statement of value? While you don’t want to repeat it word for word, you can improve your perceived market value by weaving this message into every phase of the job search.

1. Incorporate it into your executive summary

With only 20 to 60 seconds to catch a recruiter’s or hiring manager’s attention, you can draw them into your resume and set the tone in your header and executive summary:


Senior executive with broad-based expertise steering multimillion-dollar, global manufacturing companies. Strategic thinker able to identify new technologies that make manufacturing more efficient and revenues stronger, improving profit margins. Creative leader with proven strengths in P&L management, product innovation and turnaround operations.

2. Add power to your elevator pitch

As you network, you’ll need a brief, memorable elevator pitch that sells your value, not just your experience.


“Hi, my name is Carl Brown, and I am an executive with 15-plus years’ experience with global manufacturing companies.”


“Hi, my name is Carl Brown. I’m an experienced manufacturing executive who deploys new technologies for global companies seeking efficiency and revenue growth. Some of the top companies I have worked with include ABC Plastics, Newform Manufacturing and TechNec Corporation.”

3. Make an impression in interviews

Understanding the core of your personal brand will help you answer critical interview questions with authority.

Question: “So Carl, tell me about yourself.”

Possible answer: “OK. As you’ve seen from my resume, I’ve got more than 15 years’ experience in P&L management, product innovation and turnaround management for global manufacturing companies in the plastics industry. Throughout my career, I have employed innovative technologies to manufacture products more efficiently. That’s helped my employers achieve aggressive business goals.”

Once you can articulate your unique value to your next employer, you can leverage that personal-branding message in creative new ways.

By Abby Locke