Being popular at your workplace can be just as important as being effective at your job. We all like to work with people we like, and we don’t like to work with people we hate. Often times how good that person is at their job is not as important, especially in larger organizations. So how can you improve your workplace popularity and status? Try these tips and tricks:

1. Give Credit Generously

This one is easy. Openly praising your coworkers efforts will win you friends. Everyone likes to hear that they’re doing a good job, so be generous with your comments and praise of others work when its done well. Don’t just say “You did a great job”. Think about something specific that they contributed, and cite how it was important for a positive outcome. Its important to give praise as publicly as possible, with the best place being when that person’s boss is in the room. It doesn’t just reflect well on them, it reflects well on you. Managers love to see employees who recognize the contribution of others and not just themselves.

2. Keep Blame for Yourself

This one can be hard. Its easy to see fault in others and not ourselves. Nothing will lose you work friends faster than blaming them for problems or failures on projects where you’ve worked together. Just like public praise will win you friends, so will public sacrifice. Taking more of the blame for a failed project or outcome yourself, and defending someone who’s less secure in their job, will win you a work friend for life. It will also win you the respect of upper management, and show you to be a leader.

4. Take an Interest in Others

Sure, you may have the coolest narratives, the best story-telling style, or the greatest opinions on life.  But truly, sometimes you just need to learn to ZIP it.  Others love when you listen to what they have to say, and take a genuine interest in getting to know them better.  Try it sometime – ask someone a question about him or herself or something they’re passionate about, and see how they light up.  While, in reality, you’re really getting to know this other individual better, they’ll instantly feel a closer connection to you.  This is important in an office setting because when people like you and feel like they can relate to you, they’ll work much more productively with you, and will trust you more.

5. Confidence is Key

As with most situations in life, charisma in the office will take you far.  People are drawn to confident individuals, and will be more open to working with them and exchanging ideas.  You may be the smartest person in the world, but if you are awkward or nervous, people will have a more difficult time approaching you because those feelings will rub off on them.  Confidence will reassure your peers and make them believe that you are the type of person who will get the job done.

6. Organize Events

Another great way to endear yourself to others is by taking initiative to organize social events.  Everyone loves a Thursday evening Happy Hour or end-of-the-month potluck.  If you put yourself in the center of activities that people enjoy, they will appreciate you more and associate you with the pleasure they derive from work.  You’ll also have a great opportunity to showcase your leadership qualities, which will always serve you well back in the office.

7. Lend a Helping Hand

When others are struggling to accomplish a task or wrap their head around a complex topic, don’t hesitate to offer your assistance.  Doing so is another way to elicit another person’s trust, and really, in helping another person out, you’re helping everyone out.  Moreover, you’ll have someone who will be willing to aid you on difficult projects, or who will be eager to vouch for you in the future.

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