Hello out there. I hope you all are doing well. So today’s topic is – Are you living up to your full potential? Well, are you? Be honest – no one is looking at you while you shake your head “no” or ‘Yes.” (smile) Well, I would have to say that most people are not living up to their fullest potential and you know why that is? Come here…get close to your computer screen…the reason is because most folks have this attitude of entitlement, based on who we are or (who we think we are)  or what group we are affiliated with. Some of us have this attitude that we are owed something.  But guess what? You are not “owed” anything- I don’t care who you are! Having an attitude of entitlement also leads to thinking that you you deserve more than what you already have or that you deserve better than what you already have. I mean..really? What makes you so special?  Having these insane thoughts of entitlement and thinking that you should have better all can stem from a little word that packs a whole lot of punch called – EGO!!! That’s right- many of us let our ego’s get in the way of reaching our fullest potential. Case-in-point – I talk about this in my book. When I was working for the church as a Marketing Director- I really believed that no one could do my job better than me. I felt that because I had 2 degrees – one in mass media arts (Radio, TV, Film) and an MBA that I was “hot” ..sh….(shut your mouth) well I did. I’m just being REAL with you. I thought that my experience that I was bringing to the table was all of that and a bag of chips-with the dip. So when the church was going through a period where they needed to implement some layoffs-ummm……I knew that one of the layoffs would not be me.  Well to my dismay my friend – I was one of the ones who they let go. I was so…shocked and smug I couldn’t believe that it happened to me of all people. I felt like I “deserved better than that.”   But what made me think that I deserved better than that?  Now, I heard through the grapevine that layoffs were possible and instead of me just having the attitude of – “well, I better start looking for other employment just in case,” I sat on my high horse and thought that it would not happen to me.  You see everyone is the same no matter how many degrees, experience, who you know….things will happen to you good and bad. No one is exempt.  Now,little did I know that being laid off from the church was preparing me for my journey of reaching my potential of becoming a women of excellence. If that had not happened to me…I would say that my EGO would have probably grown a lot larger. I would not be writing on this blog, and I would not have written a book ….need I go on?

Some of you out there may be in positions at you current place of employment and you really believe that you should be making more $$$ or that you should have that corner office…but ask yourself….why should it be you? Why should you be making more $$$? Have you ever thought that perhaps you have more than you realized?  But because you don’t know what to do with what you have or what’s in front of you….you will stay stuck and complacent. It’s like saying..I want a huge house with a deck and I want to get out of my townhouse. But I won’t get that huge house until I realize and appreciate what I have now. I need to make the most of what I have..because I have more than I realize.  You see you won’t get more until you maximize what you already have. Think about it!  Reaching your fullest potential in any aspect of your life takes time, dedication, patience and most of all hard work.  You can’t be lazy and expect things to just fall on your doorstep or fall into your lap. You have to work for it…but work for it in the spirit of knowing that you are not entitled to anything. Whatever it is that you want in life you have to earn it!