That title sounds like a sermon doesn’t it? Well, I don’t profess to be a preacher but I do profess that I am someone who has seen plenty of breakthroughs in my life. Wouldn’t you agree that everyone needs a breakthrough in their life? I would venture to say yes. Last night, I was at church and the sermon focused on needing a breakthrough- and how we sometimes stand in the way of that breakthrough.  Sure times are hard…life is hard and there are times in your life when you just don’t feel like “it” (whatever it is) anymore.  And because times are hard or our circumstances are just too much for us to bear (so we think) – we become depressed, despondent, disobedient and dismayed.  When all of those “D’s” take over your thoughts and creeps into the depths of your inner being – then that opens the wound for FEAR to step in and take over.

That spirit of FEAR is dangerous-FEAR will bind you from receiving  God’s promises and YOUR breakthrough.  If I had allowed the FEAR within me to stand in my way- you wouldn’t be reading this blog right now, you wouldn’t have spent your money on buying a book called Laid Off, But Not Laid Out. If I let FEAR stand in my way- I would not have invested in the coffee business for FEAR of taking a leap of faith into doing something that I’ve NEVER down before. You see….I want all that God has in store for me. I want all of his blessings….and one thing that God does not give me or you, is the spirit of FEAR.  Sure I’ve had plenty of ups and downs to the point where I was just exhausted and just too tired to put in any effort-but then I realized that God has my back and I trust him with ALL THINGS!!! Not some…ALL! I know…some of you reading this blog may think I’m being too religious but I can’t help it. For if it was not for HIM-I would not STILL BE HERE! And if you look over your life and really examine it…you would not STILL BE HERE either if it was not for HIM! So trust God and be open to receive his blessings – DO NOT let FEAR consume you so that you miss out on your breakthrough. Be focused on God and put Him first..not you first…HIM first and you will be the recipient of  an overflow of blessings.!