Good morning faithful blog readers. A friend of mine posted this quote on Facebook the other day – “Allow the challenges at your employer, serve as an opportunity to learn, not an opportunity to complain.” Boy she was dead on with this quote. It got me to thinking about a situation that one of my friends shared with me the other day. The situation involved a receptionist. This receptionist was someone who was once very energetic at work, loved the job and was a joy to be around. However, due to a sudden opening for a Marketing Assistant positon-she was asked to leave the receptionist position and serve as the Marketing Assistant in the interim. This was a challenging position, but she enjoyed it and she liked the fact that she also received a salary increase. Apparently, my friend said that she did a good job as a Marketing Assistant, considering that she didn’t really have any experience in marketing. Basically, she did her best. Unfortunately, her best was not good enough for her boss who was the Marketing Director. In fact, because (in her boss’s eyes) she was doing such a mediocre job – he felt that she needed to be replaced. And he replaced her within months. Now, at first she thought this change was not going to be bad because she knew that the Marketing Assistant job – at times, was a bit over her head so she welcomed the opportunity for someone else to be in the position.  In fact, her boss kept her on and said that she could go back to her previous position as a receptionist.  However, her salary would have to go back down to what it once was. Quite naturally, she was not happy with that – but life would be a bit easier for her being a receptionist again.

At first, she was content and happy and accepted the recent organizational changes.  But then the new Marketing Assistant came into the organization and just “shined!” Meaning, they wowed the Marketing Director and went above and beyond and exceeded the expectations for the position. This of course, made the now receptionist a bit envious because the new Marketing Assistant was showing her up so-to-speak. The receptionist allowed what the Marketing Assistant was doing to affect her job and her office demeanor.  This entire situation made the receptionist very negative at work. On a daily basis she has this look on her face that screams,”I don’t want to be here.”  She also started distancing herself from everyone in the office and always has something negative to say about the Marketing Assistant, the situation and her job. In fact, she’s been actively looking for another job because she is so unhappy with her work situation.  Her behavior is noticeable to other co-workers and now it has become noticeable to her boss- which of course is not good.

I recall quite vividly when I was an Enrollment Counselor (and I really did not like my job) I always had a positive attitude and no one ever knew that I didn’t want to be there.  I turned my (what I thought was ) negative situation to a good one. I became the best Enrollment Counselor that I could be. I worked hard in my position and was always trying to improve myself and learn valuable skill sets that I never had before. Now, my numbers were never that high as far as student enrollment, but my managers kept me on because of my attitude and work ethic-that’s what saved my job until I resigned. LOL!

This receptionist needs to get it together, because she is giving her boss a reason to fire her.  Instead of her being grateful for still having a job, she is complaining not realizing that there are plenty of people waiting in the wings to take her place.  Instead of her being negative – perhaps she could use this opportunity to learn from the Marketing Assistant and perhaps shadow and observe how she gets the job done. I’m sure she could learn a lot from the Marketing Assistant.  It should never be beneath you to learn how to improve upon your skills in your position.  I mean learning new strategies, processes or tactics won’t hurt you-it can only make you better at what you do.  You may not be happy about your current work situation but never let your co-workers or boss know that.  Like the old saying goes, “Never let them see you sweat!”  Being negative in the workplace is NOT a good idea and it won’t serve you well.