I’m sure you have heard the expression-”Burning the midnight oil!” Well, lately that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been staying up until the wee hours of the morning since last week. Why? Because I’ve got to step up my game in every aspect of my life. These areas include; fitness, my spiritual life, finances, career – which includes my book and a few other business ventures that I just invested in.  I want to enhance every aspect of my life because my goal is building wealth, leaving a legacy and obtaining multiple streams of income.  I have committed to touching every area of my life that I want to take to the next level – so if that means I sacrifice sleep touching on all of these areas -well so be it.   I realized that I am a procrastinator by nature- which means that I have to really “PUSH” myself when working on my goals.  I also realized that while I am busy, there are plenty of hours in my day where I am doing NOTHING that contributes to stepping up my game.  As a procrastinator by nature something has to motivate me.  What is my motivation? I have several:

1. I NEVER want to be in a financial position where I’m always saying, “No, I can’t my budget is tight.” or “No, mmmm…I’m going to have to check my finances. ”  - I want to be in a position that the only reason why I can’t purchase something or go anywhere is because I  don’t want to or I don’t have the time to fit it into my schedule. Not because I’m BROKE!

2. I want to strengthen my relationship with God by spending more time with him and the bible – Sure I go to church but I’m not an active member of my church.  I also read the bible SOMETIMES- but not enough. I have to spend more time in the word and become an active member of my church so that I can cultivate an intimate relationship with God.

3. I want to lose weight – Now, don’t get me wrong I look good now…However, I know that I can be better. I want to be leaner and more tone. I’m getting older and it’s important that I’m healthy and in good shape. Health and wellness are essential for me to have a well balanced life.

4. Take my book and my other business ventures to the next level – I have to be on my grind every day because my book and my business ventures are going to help me reach my financial goals.  If I don’t spend time on them- then how can I reach my financial goals successfully?

All of these things motivate me from within. A fellow author friend of mine said, “PUSH YOUR OWN BUTTONS – We all have it in us, but we tend to wait around, procrastinate, and make excuses when instead we can make it fly!.” – Michael  A. McFadden – author of Truisms.

So I leave you with this thought for today – are you wasting time doing nothing that contributes to your goals? If so, you may need to burn that midnight oil too.  Think about it – successful people are not sitting on their you know what’s- they are out there grinding daily and nightly.  These people don’t stop working on their goals at 5 p.m. they keep it moving all the time. So stop procrastinating – you have it in you. You can make it fly!