Many of you have heard the term  Carpe Diem or “Seize the Day!”  Today, I ‘m going to talk you about the importance of seizing the day for yourself. I’m sure that just like me, you have goals and aspirations for your life – However, sometimes obtaining those goals or aspirations are not easy. And do you know why? Simple….because life isn’t easy.  The journey to achieve what you want or desire in life is not an easy road- I mean, if it was then everyone would be reaching their goals in no time.

Recently, I was in Columbus for my cousin’s high school graduation and while I was there I met a young man – 21 to be exact. I asked was he in school? He told me that he wasn’t. He said that he was a medical lab technician. I told him that was great, but what is it that he really wanted to do.  He then told me that he wanted to be a dentist- I said, “Wow! that’s wonderful-so why aren’t you in school for that?” Do you know what he told me? Do you? He told me that it would take too long to become a dentist.  I couldn’t believe what he told me. I looked at him and said,” Are you kidding me? You are 21-you have nothing but time on your hands. Do you know that before you even reach 30 you could already be dentist?”  I also explained to him that if this was something that he’s wanted to do since he was a young boy-then what was he waiting for? He reminded me of those individuals who have the “sweat less success” mindset.  The “sweat less success” mindset is one in which a person believes that they can be successful without putting in work.  Unfortunately, that type of mindset will not work.  God is not just going to put that relationship, that job, that degree etc..on your lap or at your doorstep. He doesn’t work that way.

God is not interested in helping those who don’t help themselves.  It ‘s like a teacher giving a student an “A” and all that student did was show up to class – the student didn’t put in any effort or work to get that “A.”  I believe that some people don’t want to “put in work” because they have fear – or they are afraid to succeed, so for them it’s easier to not put in the work.  Now, I’m not saying that you won’t have anxiety or be nervous about moving towards your journey of success…but here’s the thing – if you trust and obey God he’s got your back he will be right beside you on that journey for that relationship, that job, that degree or even that new business venture.  Also, you can’t and you MUST NOT allow fear to become a distraction from reaching your goals. Often times, people “shut down” and decide to give up…you can’t let fear, or other people’s opinions or any other obstacle to stand in the way of your success.  You have opportunities looking right at you today…are you going to allow those people, fear and other obtacles to distract you from reaching your level of excellence-your goals- and your dreams? I hope not. Get it together and carpe diem-seize the day NOW!!!!!