So…summer is over and Fall is among us.  However, with the cooler days here folks may be tempted to wrap themselves up like Eskimos to the workplace-I’m here to tell you that dressing like an Eskimo or breaking out in those “special” holiday sweaters is a workplace fashion don’t! Read more…

As the cold weather really sets in, it’s tempting to bring the cozy fireside feeling into our cubicles.  But while there are certainly wardrobe alterations you’ll need to make along with the change in temperature, it’s still important to continue dressing professionally for work.  Here are some guidelines to ensure that you don’t get too comfortable in the office:

Leave the Sweats at Home

Sweats are what you change into after work – they’re not the duds you stroll into the office wearing, no mater how cold it is outside.  Anyone who walks in sporting a pair of running pants is just clueless, but you should be equally hesitant about wearing a sweatshirt in a professional working environment, even if it is just at your desk.  Of course, some company cultures do allow for more casual dress, so use your best judgment if you work in a more informal environment.

Leave Your Boots at the Doorstep

No one expects you to brave two feet of snow in the parking lot in stilettos.  But they don’t expect that you’ll track a trail of water and mud into the office either.  If the weather is stormy outside, make sure to cover up those feet with heavy-duty boots, but also pack a pair of office-friendly shoes that you can change into when you arrive.

Leave Your Winter Jacket in the Coat Closet

Even if the arctic chill makes its way indoors, it’s still unacceptable to wear your winter jacket at your desk.  Instead, wear a wool sports coat or add layers to your outfit.  You can also speak to someone about adjusting the thermostat in the building.

Leave the Holiday Sweaters at the Bottom of Your Dresser Drawer

You may be stoked to show off your holiday cheer, but unfortunately, cheesy holiday sweaters aren’t really suitable for the office – save them for the holiday party.  Again, some more casual offices may allow for these embarrassing fashion statements, but in general they’re unprofessional.  Stick to more traditional prints to keep you warm at your desk.

The world may seem to go into hibernation during the cold winter months, inciting you to bundle up and get cozy, but office etiquette still remains.  It’s important that you continue to dress the part, even when your fuzzy slippers and warm pajamas are calling your name.

Stay warm this winter!


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