After your interview with that job that you want, it is important to follow up with a “thank you” – you don’t necessarily have to wait for them to contact you.  Even though your contact information is included on your resume along with your e-mail signature, you still need to take a proactive approach by following up with you perspective employer. Try following up with a phone call so you can have a real-time conversation with the decision maker. If you are not able to get through,  then request a time to return the call or schedule a call. Your organizational skills will be noticed. Another way to follow up after your interview is to send a personalized thank you card (the art of sending notes has been lost due to e-mail) but a mailed personalized note will set you apart from the rest.  Don’t get me wrong a personalized “thank you” e-mail is good, but a nice note is even better.  Remember it’s all about building that relationship. And even if you don’t get that job…they will remember you for future opportunities.