I was in a meeting today and the subject came up about being a great leader – and one of the components of being a great leader is being someone who is of excellence. ….someone who is passionate about what they do. It was also mentioned that if one is of “excellence” in the work place then 9 times out of 10 they are of “excellence” in every other aspect of their life.  And then I started thinking about myself…and how I am passionate about every aspect of my life and how I believe that in everything that I do…I do it with “excellence.”

On the other hand if one is just mediocre at the work place, then 9 times out of 10 they will be mediocre in every other aspect of their life.  This is where the thought of  ”Is Excellence a part of your DNA?” For some, excellence is a part of their make-up, a part of their identity, a part of who they are.  To become good to great – one must have passion for what they do. Do you have passion for what it is that you do? I’m sure you are well aware of those who have passion…because it’s something that just radiates in their walk, their talk, their voice and even in their smile. Think about everyone who you know who is successful – think about why they are successful? And when I mean successful…I don’t necessarily mean rich. I mean they have accomplished what they set out for themselves and they’ve done it successfully….they’ve done it with excellence.

People who are successful are those who have passion- that certain something, that fire that burns inside of them that pushes and motivates them to take it to the next level.  Some folks may say that I’m successful because I wrote a book. To me..I just scratched the surface. I merely just planted the seed and now I’m nurturing it and watering it so I can take it to the next level. I know that the passion that I have about my book (and another book) and what I want to do with my career is going to take me from being good to being great. I am going to be a woman of excellence!

So I ask you this question – Is Excellence a part of YOUR DNA? Think about it!