I’m sure most of you watched the final episode of the Oprah show. I’m usually not at home to watch her show at 4 p.m. every day – and no I don’t have TIVO so I can record her episodes. But on this particular day I was home because I was packing for my trip to Ohio. I really enjoyed her final episode- instead of her final hour of the show being big fan fare and a lot of surprises  like – “You get a car! and you get a car” or “Everyone is going to Australia!”  This episode was her “love letter” to us – her fans. Oprah spent her final hour thanking us  and telling us how much we mean to her. But she also took the time to tell us things that she learned over the last 25 years, the bad hair styles she’s had and some of her non-fashionable outfits. LOL!

However, what I liked most about the final show was the fact that she gave us pearls of wisdom. Advice and information-that if we were really listening could have perhaps changed our lives.  She said so much…but basically she said that we are all here for a purpose – and we need to spend time figuring out what that purpose is.  She also mentioned the importance of listening to God and what he is telling us to do (you know that inner voice that comes from the depths of our souls) – she even admitted that when she doesn’t listen – well, you know…things don’t work out like you thought they would.

I also liked how she said that “each of us have our own platform” – that is so important. Unfortunatley, we aren’t all going to be an “Oprah” but each of us has our own circle of influence that we can add some sort of value to. What if everyone tapped into their own platform and circle of influence-I bet we could really change the world. Boy – the power that we all have within us  - we just need to tap into it.  Another point that she mentioned is the fact that, “We inherently block our own blessings because we don’t think we deserve it.” That point is so true – how many times have you thought that? I know I have – but I had to realize that I am worthy of all the blessings that God has in store for me and that what’s for me is for me. We all have special gifts and talents that can help catapult us into being that person of excellence that we ultimately are striving to be – because you NEVER know where your special gifts and talents will take you nor do you know what type of influence you will have on someone’s else’s life.

One of the reasons why I admire Oprah – it’s not because she is SUPER RICH or that she has fame-but I admire the fact that she has used “her platform” to help others – to give of herself, time and commitment. Her celebrity afforded her the opportunity and means to take her circle of influence to unspeakable levels. But here’s the thing-you don’t have to be Oprah rich or have celebrity to change peoples lives- you can change peoples lives just by being a mother, father, a co-worker, a boss, a friend, a  ”active” church member, an entrepreneur, an author…etc…. the list goes on and on. Don’t let your time here on earth be all for nothing- tap into your inner soul and figure out what your purpose and embrace it and live your life to the fullest! I know that’s what I’m doing what about you?