In my book, Chapter 18 “The Layoff Tool Kit,” I discuss ways on how to still enjoy your life, but on a budget. No one likes to have a reduced income, especially if they are accustom to making a certain amount of money. I know, because I have been there more times than most. A reduction in income may be due to a layoff or a decrease in pay for a number of reasons. At any rate, just because you are faced with a reduction in income doesn’t mean you can’t take control of how to handle your income-challenged situation. One of the difficult aspects of having a reduced income is accepting the realization that you can’t spend as much as you are used to spending. No more weekly manicures and pedicures, no more exotic trips at the drop of a dime and no more eating lunch out several times a week. All of that has to stop! No for real…it has to stop. With a reduction in income, you can’t be in a state of denial and pretend that nothing in your pocket has changed. You have to be financially mature enough to realize that you have to find innovative, cost-effective ways that aid you in reducing your spending while still leaving money in your pocket. (If you purchase my book either from this site or by going to and download a Kindle copy-you can read about the “Layoff Tool Kit”-it will provide you with the steps to help you stay on track with your spending while adjusting to your new income.)


Well thank God you all have me to help you out. Now, your probably saying, “Kim I don’t make a lot of money or I’m collecting unemployment and I want to still be able to enjoy some of the finer things in life.” Don’t worry,  I got you. I have come across some wonderful Web sites that have awesome deals for restaurants; fitness classes like boot camp and yoga; relaxing spa services; shopping; trips and even coupons for groceries. Take a look below at some of these Web sites. I’ve used most of them and have gotten some great deals. Who said that you can have fun on a “dime” budget? Not me!


Half Off Depot


Sugga’s Thrift Boutique


Grocery Coupon Network


Shoe Dazzle




My Life Deals