Hello dedicated blog readers.  I hope you all are doing well today. Now, I have been debating if I should write about what’s going on with me for weeks.  I marinated on it and I prayed on it. And I finally decided that I wanted to be transparent to my audience. And the reason why I made this decision to open up to you all is because I’ve always said, “If I can just help one.” And I really do mean that.

Currently, I am living or rather re-living Chapter 9 of my book – “Oh My…Not Again!”  And ironically from the same place of work where I was about 3 years ago.  (If you don’t have my book – you will have to read it to know exactly what I am talking about – shameless plug!) Anyhoo…I have found myself among the 10.2% of  Georgia residents who are currently unemployed.  Now, I’m sure you are wondering what and how did this happen? Well,  let me give you a bit of history-I’ve basically been a marketing/communications consultant since Aug. 2010 and since that time I’ve worked at two companies as a consultant. However, as a consultant you are on a contract – which means that the contract can end early or go longer. Unfortunately, my recent contract that I had ended last month right around the time of my birthday. It was a shock to me. Nevertheless, I always knew that it was a possibility which is why I was on the job search for the past 6 months…so actually I thought I would be ahead of the game in case my contract ended.  And I of course, was selling my book and in the process of developing my workshop to tie in with my book-so I could make myself more marketable.  My plan was to have a more permanent job situation prior to my contract ending so that I could bounce right back financially. God had another plan for me-and in fact, I’m still not sure what his plan is- YET!.

My reason for sharing my situation with you is that I want you to know that no matter how many times you go through a layoff or a contract ending, it still feels like the first time.  You feel like you have been hit right in the gut.  Yes, I have a book out called, “Laid Off, But Not Laid Out.” But am I not still human? Do I not still feel? The only difference between this situation and all of the other 6 layoffs – yes, I said 6! Is that I’m a bit stronger and I know how to cope a lot better.  I can tell you that I have been in a 5 year financial wilderness and I am ready to come out!!! It’s been a roller coaster ride for me financially and I am ready to get off this ride.

I have had friends tell me, “The reason why this keeps happening to you is because you are an entrepreneur.” Or I have had friends tell me, “Kim, you have a book -use it.” And you know what they are right. I am an entrepreneur and I do have a product that has just barely scratched the surface of endless possibilities for me.  However, I am one of the those entrepreneurs who works better on my projects when I am secure financially.  And if that means working on a contract or on a permanent basis-so be it.  I am a multi-tasker so I can handle working a full time job and working on projects for Kim.

Every day it takes strength, faith, perseverance and God to get me up every morning and tackle each day with vigor and zest. I’m not going to lie – it is hard some days.  And some days I just dont’ want to get out of bed.  I keep reminding myself that, “Kim – you’ve been here before. God will get you through this just like he always has.”  Every day I make sure I have a plan and places to go. I get out of my own environment so that I can get out of my head.  I do this because if one stays in that same environment every single day…there is time to think and time to go to the dark places in your mind where you start feeling sorry for yourself. I have no time for that.  No time to feel sorry for myself. I keep myself busy, I try to help others and I work on my projects and still look for employment.

So..if you find yourself unemployed, yet again…I know it’s frustrating and sometimes you want to scream…well go ahead and scream. Let it out. You don’t want your frustrations to live inside of you and fester.  Here are some things that you can do to work through your frustrations:

1. Work out – I go to boot camp at least 3-4 times a week at 5 a.m. This really does help.

2. Cry – It’s ok to cry. Crying is cleansing your spirit.

3. Talk to God- He will listen and he understands.

4. Talk to your mom – and if not your mom, a loved one or a friend. But don’t keep your feelings to yourself.

5. LEAVE THE HOUSE – this is a MUST. EVERYDAY leave your house. Drive around, go to the mall, the park, visit a friend, go to lunch etc..but leave the house.

6. Eat chocolate ( ok I don’t know if that really helps but it sure taste good)

I hope that I have helped someone out there-if I didn’t it sure has helped me to actually write this out and share. I will keep you posted about my journey!