Earlier this week I talked to you about reaching your level of excellence. Today I’m going to talk to you about how important it is for you to have a plan of action to help you reach your level of excellence.  If you are like me, then your plan has to have God all up in it. If God is not in your plan then…chances are the plan won’t work and it won’t be of excellence.  The following tips will give you some insights on how to structure you plan and the benefits of having a plan:

1. First, your plan must be God ordained – Does your plan honor God? Does your plan create more conflict than peace? Does your plan honor the word of God?  Does your plan honor yourself?

2. Your plan must be goal oriented and strategic to advancing to a determined end – What this means is that your plan has to take you to some kind of end result. For example, adding this blog to my Web site, going on various speaking engagements, having different book signing opportunities, interviewing on various talks shows, is going to get me to my goal of branding myself and obtaining recognition for my book.  Your plan can be divided into  short-term goals (30 days, 90 day goals) and long-term goals (1 year, 3 years, 5 years).

3. Your plan has to be growth oriented – Your plan should enable you to grow not only professionally, but also spiritually.

4.Daily performance in advancing to your goals – What I mean by this is – “Don’t just sit there, do something!” Everyday you have to make a serious effort in doing something that puts you a step closer to your goal.  For example, for me I have to do something every day that will help me to reach my goal of getting my book out to the masses – I have to do something to get my name out there. So what is it that you need to do daily to help you reach your goals? Write them down everyday- like a “To do” List.

5. Document attempted progress – By writing your plan down on paper,  it will allow you to reflect on your life and what it is that you really want; it will allow you to refine your plan- in case as you are going through your plan you may find that some of the things that you are doing may not be working. If that is the case-don’t give up on your plan, you just need to refine it. You know-touch it up a bit.

6. Discuss your plan with peers – This is great – it’s like when you write something – it’s always good to have someone else review it with a different pair of eyes. They will perhaps be able to see things in your writing that you can’t see. The same principle applies as it relates to your plan. Your peers can give you feedback and may be able to coach you on some elements of your plan and what you are doing.  Personally, I enjoy obtaining feedback and coaching tips from my peers because at times it makes me want to take it to the next level. It makes me want to do better.

Now remember writing a plan down is easy- but actually executing it is another story. Keep in mind that you have to be patient with your plan and patient with yourself.  Rome was not built in a day!  Stay focused, prayerful and encouraged you can and will see your plan through the end.